74th best left of centre blog? Let's make it 75th!

Apparently, Iain Dale is in the process of getting together his list of the top political blogs in the country. Some other bloggers aren't playing for one reason or another.

I'm not playing either, but then I didn't play last year. I was only dimly aware of the whole thing until I found out I'd been rated the 74th best left of centre blog in the UK. No-one fucking tells me anything.

This year, I've checked things out and was horrified to find out I was listed as a Labour blog in the listings. I'm not one of those bloody Cylcons, so I got that fixed. (Mind you, the 'Faint Praise' link on the right would be funnier if it included something that categorised this place wrongly, so I should have left it alone).

Beyond that, I don't really give a monkey's raas about it. If you're voting, vote for me if you like. If you don't, don't - it's not my fault your mum's a slag.

And yes, this entire post was a set up for that last gag.

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