Clamp down on who exactly?

This isn't exactly in the league of the Star and the pictures of Charlotte Chruch with comments perving over her breasts appearing next to outrage at the paedo special Brass Eye, but it's up there.

'CLAMP DOWN ON SEX OFFENDERS' shouts a banner on the front of the Sun's news page, inviting readers to clamp down on people who...er...might not actually be sex offenders.

A few inches down is a link to, 'Hula web girl is a Wii Fit hit', about a man who apparently secretly filmed his girlfriend using the hula hoop feature on her Wii Fit in her pants.

Strangely though, the Sun seems to be sceptical of the video's origins, saying:
But internet forum users speculated that the footage was an advertising stunt - but still appreciated Lauren's moves.

And sticking 'secretly' in scare quotes on the link. So is this a sign that the Sun is becoming a bit more sceptical and careful not to be cought out churning PR stuff as news?

Is it heck as like! Also in today's edition is 'Spot the dog - from space', which says:
BORIS the dog is so big he can be seen from SPACE.

EXCEPT he CAN'T be seen from SPACE. He can be seen on GOOGLE MAPS, the lowest images of which are taken from aeroplanes. So BORIS can be seen from a PLANE.

Why does that make the paper? Ask the Bournemouth Grange Hotel in Dorset, which gets a nice little plug for its trouble.

Is the scepticism in the first article just to avoid accusations of publishing dodgy material of women in their pants that has been taken withour their consent? The answer comes from Elliottx, quoted by the Sun:
Elliottx wrote, "Who cares? She had a nice bumbum and that's all we watched it for. Thank you, guy-who-exploited-his-girlfriend, we salute you."

Also on the front page of the news today - 'Loo-ney perv gets phone ban' in which a man taking pictures of women in a state of undress without consent is now a crazy pervert. Whether that's because the images weren't available to the paper for publication is anyone's guess.

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fat tulip said...

The 'perv' banner scares me, it smacks of encouraging vigilantes. The Wii video really is great though. Hypnotic. I'm certain it's a viral, if not then Nintendo should thank that guy.