Fury over paper printing nonsense front page headlines

I was going to do a quick follow up post to Tuesday's 'Fury over children being taught together and learning about one another', focusing on how the coverage on the Daily Express website managed to get comments that used the same actual quotes from the NUT (which didn't appear in the paper's coverage) to prove that the article was inaccurate and accurate at the same time - but both Express articles have been disappeared. They are unstories now, whisked away by the Express secret police.

The likelihood is that these stories, like the 'MIGRANTS TAKE ALL NEW JOBS IN BRITAIN' fiasco of last November, have been taken down because they're being investigated for being misleading.*

So, less than a week after having to pay a large fine and print embarrasing apologies on its front page for producing misleading stories with no evidence to back them up, the paper has to remove another of its front page stories from its website for being potentially misleading.

Were this any other paper, its editor would surely be handing in his resignation right now to avoid being fired by the owner. Whether than happens here remains to be seen.

One thing that's for sure though - if the paper has a new policy of removing articles from the website whenever they're complained about for being misleading, it could have a very empty site indeed.

If you do have a complaint about anything that appears in the Express or any other paper, see the Press Complaints Commission. Probably nothing will happen and you'll be told your complaint isn't being upheld months and months after you've made it, but at least the Express seems to be removing stories that receive complaints from its website, so it might not be entirely futile.

*I'm waiting for confirmation that this is why the stories have gone. If by some chance there's a different reason, I'll clarify here.

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Yusuf said...

The PCC actually specify that you complain to the newspaper first, and complain to them afterwards if you do not get a result. So, complain to the Express and threaten a PCC complaint if there is no apology and/or withdrawal of the article from the web, otherwise the PCC might not entertain the complaint.