Broadsheet Crackers

Apologies for the absence from blogging for the last few days, and for the blog being down for a while this morning - but I've had the Polish builders in!

I've gone all broadsheet and that. Swanky, eh?

One of the new things is the 'read the rest' link, which you should be seeing at the end of every post now, so I can just have tabloid website style summaries on the main page. Click this one. Go on, you know you want to.

Other new things are the split into two sidebars on the right since mine was getting a bit long and I wanted to add to it. I'll be linking to some old posts that explain well-worn newspaper tricks, but I'll be editing the older posts first to freshen them up a bit. You'll see them when they appear.

I still need to tweak a few things before it's totally finished, so mind the rubble.

Please stick any suggestions or comments in the, er, comments box.


Paul C said...

I stubbed my toe on some scaffolding left out front.

septicisle said...

Very swish.

eric the fish said...

I preferred it when there was less RSI-developing extra clicking.
No doubt you shall be hearing from my lawyers once they have settled my claim against The Guardian for dry cleaning expenses caused by their print and nepotistic travel blogs.