On 22 January, in 'I was beginning to worry', I looked at how often the Daily Express asks its readers for their erudite opinions on whether or not we have too many migrants in the country. in it, I said:
Maybe the new question has something to do with the fact that tomorrow, the last 'Does Britain have too many immigrants?' question disappears from the main set of links. I wonder.

It seems that today the Express must ask the same question, just a day or two after the question disappeared from the list of links on the 'Have Your Say' front page. Must be a coincidence.

I wonder where I can find out whether Daily Express readers think we have too many immigrants in the country.

The paper is so desperate to know, it's asked the question again today, while a previous version is still open in the special box for extra special questions that the paper thinks are worthy of extra attention. The Express has asked its readers a question they're already discussing. That's worth it.

In the three weeks since the last time the paper asked the same question, it has asked whether foreign criminals should be booted out of Britain three times, whether sharia law should be tolerated twice and a whole bunch of other questions about migrants and Muslims getting benefits.

Still, while the Mail is the most dangerous paper in the country, the Express is probably the most moronically nasty, turning its comments section into Stormfront-lite. Good job nobody takes it as seriously.


v said...

Hi there,
I've been commenting on the express have your say forums for about two months now. mostly objecting to the shoddy and biased journalism and also challenging the mistaken assumptions and racist comments of thier readers.
I've not made many friends there, thats for sure, although there are a few other posters who seem to be doing the same thing. the results have been mixed, but the moderators are starting to ban any pro bnp publicity and web links (the place is used as a recruiting ground for the bnp), and are obviously paying more attention to radical posters, who are now getting banned.

it'd be great to have some company. my theory is that if we make it an unpleasent place to put forward racist and erronious comments, these people will eventually go off to one of the darker corners of the internet, instead of having a say in a mass media forum.

Any help would be appreciated! it may not change the world, but it can clean up one part of it.

UpThePunx said...

In my more masochistic moods I sometimes have a look at their forum. I often wonder who the brave souls are who keep banging their heads up against a brick wall of wilful stupidity and blind ignorance.

I love the topic titles too:

'Are you fed up with Brown wasting your hard-earned money?'
'Are you fed up with Britain's traditions being axed?'
'Is this ban on white men justified?' etc

No loading of those questions then.