What's the Mail doing now?

The Mail has an ambiguous relationship with the BNP.

As I've said before, what normally happens when the paper covers the BNP is that it calls the party nasty names, but then backs up everything they say and appears to support them, often in the same article.

So I'm completely baffled by 'BNP's London leader joins 22,000 police on pay protest march'.

See, on the Mail hate scale, the police figure pretty high. So is the presence of the BNP guy supposed to be there to bash the police since the paper calls the BNP names, or is showing that the guy supports quite a popular appeal supposed to big up the BNP guy and give him sympathetic coverage? The Enemies of Reason thinks the latter, but how about you? Given the comments the Mail moderators are allowing to be published, I'm not so sure.

As ever, that paper's own coverage is less than unambiguous.

One thing I did notice though, which I spotted a while ago but haven't mentioned, is that the BNP ballerina, Simone Clarke, is now engaged to the senior BNP figure who had his sexuality called into question after making gay soft porn. So, two people who could have caused problems with their relationships - Clarke for being in a mixed race one and Barnbrook for potentially being gay are miraculously betrothed. Mighty convenient for all those involved.

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