Liberal elite, where are you?

Following on from Peter Hain's apology for miscategorising a set of foreign workers and the exaggerations and lack of clarity that appeared in our left wing liberal elitist media over the last few days, we have further exaggerations and clear nonsense about the same subject in the press today - the most blatant being, as ever, the Express (which I've been avoiding recently for sanity's sake).

Get them while they're hot. Two lying arse comments in one headline/subheading combo

'MIGRANTS TAKE ALL NEW JOBS IN BRITAIN' screams the headline - which is utter, utter balls. I personally know several people hired in new positions this year who are not migrants. I sit opposite one for eight hours a day.

This story (and the recent storm in a teacup about foreign workers) is a fantastic example of how the right successfully controls the debate on immigration and exposes just how rubbish the idea of a liberal elite closing down discussion on the subject is.

The story goes on to say:

Foreign workers have taken every new job in Britain for the past four years, astonishing figures show. The total of migrant employees since 2003 has soared by 740,000, while the number of Britons in work has gone into reverse and dropped by 120,000. This means that foreign workers filled all the extra 620,000 jobs which were created during those four years.
The figures quite plainly do not show that foreign workers have taken every new job in the last four years. At all. They show that more foreign workers have got jobs in the last four years than were created in the same period. Since the number of foreign workers is higher than the number of jobs, it's blatantly flipping obvious that some of the jobs they have filled will be old ones. Since many migrants come and go, filling new jobs and then leaving at the end of the season, and since probably everyone in the country knows someone who wasn't foreign getting a new job in a newly created post in the last four years, the headline and the conclusion the paper makes about the figures is quite obviously bollocks.

If there really was a liberal elite who shut down debate on immigration, you wouldn't get shitty stories like this one. You wouldn't get stories like the Mail's take on the figures - 'Number of Britons in work falls by 270,000 - because migrants get most new jobs', which says:
The disclosure is a fresh embarrassment to ministers who have had to dramatically revise upwards the official figures on migrant workers.
Which is also bollocks. Nobody's had to revise official figures for anything. Peter Hain's had to apologise for not including a section of people already counted in the official figures in a category when he gave an answer to Parliament. Jesus wept.

Back to the Express, and we get this subheading - 'And they go to the front of the housing queue', which is followed up in the article with this:

The Prime Minister’s discomfort deepened when an investigation was launched into how white Britons are being left behind in the housing queue.

An investigation has been launched into whether all British people, including the ones who aren't white, are being left behind in the housing queue. Not how specifically white people are. Remember - while filth rags like the Express talk about migration, they're really talking about race, and deliberately blurring the two.

The inevitable withdrawal of the shite claims in the headline and the opening of the Express story comes right at the very end:
But a spokesman for the Department for Work and Pensions claimed the figures did not mean that all new jobs have been taken by foreigners as the level of unemployment claim-ants among British workers did not match. He added that a recent fall in the number of Britons employed has coincided with a decline in the working age population.

Employment Minister Caroline Flint said: “There are opportunities for British workers with nearly 660,000 vacancies waiting to be filled.”
Notice how the withdrawal doesn't actually include the real reason didn't mean that all new jobs have been taken by migrants. Which is that people who aren't migrants have occupied new posts. In other words - because it's a cheap lie.

Also, notice the spokesman only 'claimed'. David Davis 'said', Damian Green 'said', Sir Andrew Green 'said'. Claims can be false. And we've already been given what the Express has said is really true. If there really were a liberal elite controlling the immigration debate, the Express article would never have seen the light of day - and not because it dares to be critical of immigration, but because it's lying nonsense made up to deliberately scare white people.

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Chris Baldwin said...

The Express is amazing isn't it? Paul Dacre and Lord Rothermere's greatest achievement.