The Mail going all Daily Express with its headlines

Here's a quickie. 'Police scrap crackdown on Vietnamese drug barons - because it's racist' says the headline. 'They [the police] had planned to write to property landlords warning them to look out for suspicious tenancy applications. But it is understood at least one force has been found to be in breach of the Race Relations Act after specifically referring to Vietnamese nationals in its letters.'

So, the crackdown hasn't been scrapped. The police can still crack down on Vietnamese drug barons. The police just might have been told they're in breach of the Race Relations Act, in the same way that they might be in breach of it if they sent letters to landlords telling them to watch out for black people because they're currently on the lookout for yardies. And yes, that's a might. Note the insertion of 'it is understood' to avoid making an absolute statement on the matter. Essentially, that's admitting that the real reasoning may be different to the one on offer here. I doubt the force in question would be in trouble merely for stating that the gangs tend to be Vietnamese, and I suspect pretty strongly that it's the actual wording that's the problem.

Still, we can't know because that's information the paper keeps from us. Nice, eh?

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