Taking a gamble

Okay, I'm taking a gamble. There's an article in today's Mail with the headline 'Immigrants have taken 4 in 10 homes since 1997', written by none other than James Slack (of 'How to tell lies about immigration with the Daily Mail' fame), and I'm calling bullshit.

I can't find the stats he's talking about on the Parliament website, so I've emailed the House of Commons Library to ask for a copy of whatever they appeared in, or whatever they've sent about it.

I bet the figures have been distorted somehow by the paper. That's the bet. If I'm wrong, there'll be a post about it where I eat crow. Or swan.

*UPDATE* Hurrah! No crow for me please, Mum! Got my reply and what do you know - I was right. I'll post properly about this later. Lucky you, eh?

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Sam said...

You're right, this is total rubbish. I work in housing and it cannot possibly be even slightly true.

My bet: total increase in the housing stock (in dwellings) since 1997 compared with the largest bogus figure (in people) previously produced by the paper.