Sick Sun shocker!

Just goes to show, nobody can ever trust the Sun to be their friends. After days of calling for support for Maddie's parents, the paper decides to cruelly rub in what might have happened to their daughter and take the piss out of their dancing.

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Yusuf Smith said...

Hi there,

I for one am getting sick of all the Maddy this, Maddy that crap in the press. One moment she's dead, the next they're certain she's alive; one moment the police are inundated with clues, the next they're baffled. I was shocked that the news that she was supposedly in Belgium was released to the press and became front page news, when this would have caused whoever was holding her, if she's still alive, to go underground and give her the Natascha Kampusch treatment. Why can't they STFU and let the police do their job? Oh, talking of which, what's all this about British experts going down to Portugal to help the police there? Since when did people expect their own country's police to help them out? If it was the USA the Met certainly wouldn't be going out if a British child went missing. It's ridiculous.