The Mail is back. . .and this time it's pissed off

Actually, it never went away. I did. And the Mail's always pissed off. I couldn't resist the headline though.

Today's edition has the headline 'Government 'worked out number of UK migrants by asking 169'. Oh my god! Those lying, conniving little PC Gone Mad so and sos in the Government!

Or not. Remember 'They go together like Batman and Robin'? In it, I pointed out how the Mail had used stats from the 'Travel and Tourism first release' to pretend there had been loads of people coming from Bulgaria and Romania to the UK by counting tourists as migrants.

It's those figures the paper is talking about. The International Passenger Survey - which is supposed to count the number of tourists and other visitors. Sure, they're technically 'migrants', but not in the way this paper's implying.

I don't need to say any more. My work here is done.

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