Daily Express being dishonest? Surely not!

I really am fed up with this sodding paper and it's 'Have Your Say' goons. But there's still an inaccurate caption under the picture in the 'Muslim juror 'wore MP3 player' under hijab', although it's been a while since I was assured that people were looking into removing it.

At first, I thought it was because the editors were waiting until the story disappeared from the links on the front page, so that few peope would see the corrected version and their job would be done. There might be another explanation though.

'Should we ban the veil?' asks the paper today. Again. Ooh, the Daily Express asking its readers whether the veil should be banned - wonder what the answer might be? Just to make sure it remains neutral and doesn't influence its readers, it uses this picture to illustrate the story:

What could be more British than sticking two fingers up at someone who pisses you off?

The thing is, the story leading to the question is the one about the MP3 player in court. Anyone searching for more on the story will find the previous article, with the dodgy picture and caption. Handy.

If you're annoyed about the idea of a juror listening to am MP3 player in court, surely the more sensible question would be 'Should we ban MP3 players from being taken into courtrooms?'. That the Express doesn't ask this question shows where the paper's priorities lie.

To be fair to the paper though, the text of this article is more accurate, using the word 'headscarf' to describe it. Oh, and 'headdress'. Who wears headdresses? That'll be savages, won't it?

Although it doesn't outright say the juror was wearing a hijab like the ones in the picture this time, the connection is still created. Just not as blatantly and dishonestly. The caption is 'OBSTINATE: But is the veil out of control?'. How can a piece of cloth be out of control? Are we talking about something out of a Stephen King story here? Jesus wept. And that's not pushing the reader toward one side of the argument is it?

The cavalcade of dribbling goons has started - although one or two from the discussion with me haven't turned up yet. It would be great if it was because they realised their arguments were rubbish - but it's probably because they haven't got around to it yet.

I'm going to be Mystic Crackers now - and predict the outcome of the whole 'looking into changing the picture' thing. One of two things will happen:
  • Nothing. The picture and caption will stay as they are.
  • The caption will change to remove the 'like this one' bit. There will still be a picture of a niqab.
I will be very surprised indeed if the picture is changed to something more accurate. Mind you, I'm surprised that the paper's left the discussion up showing me handing some of its' readers' arses to them and pointing out that the paper's lying. So you never know.

*UPDATE* Over six months later and the picture's still there. Surprised?

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