Yet more crappy updates!

I hope these updates aren't crappy, but I've updated the whole 'How the Daily Mail lies about immigration' series. Part III gets special attention because I'd missed one point altogether, as well as assuming a set of figures were government ones (because that's what the article implies). The upshot of it is that the article is even more confusing and inaccurate. But hey!

On other matters - my complaint to the PCC about the dodgy Express article I covered in 'More bullshit from the Express' is now officially dead. Despite my trashing of the two separate PCC attempts to put me off - that I'm not directly affected and that my complaint should be dropped because of an official complaint being made by the MCB - it has been dropped on those very grounds. Who'd have thought it, eh?

Me. Sort of. It seems I was right in 'Complaining to the PCC' when I said:
[...] the PCC are not exactly objective or helpful, and in my opinion, reading their replies shows that they tend to be eager to find ways to dismiss complaints without taking them seriously.
There's probably a separate post in showing what dismissing complaints does for the PCC in general. For now it's enough to show that they'll get rid of as many as possible.

Of course, the PCC might actually end up ruling in favour of the MCB in every complaint. I wouldn't hold my breath though. Here's my prediction (that I made before). Only the most obvious and outrageous inaccuracies in the article will be found to be inaccurate by the PCC. That might only even amount to the claim that modesty rules say that boys should be covered from navel to neck while swimming. Everything else will be deemed unlikely to mislead. The Express will have to print an apology of a couple of lines long. That's it, and that's all.

Course, it would be nice to be wrong and see the paper really slammed for such a bunch of lies. Not gonna happen though.

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