No they don't

Seriously, they don't.

More lies on the front page of Der Sturmer. Obsolete has more, and so does Indigo Jo Blogs and Inayat Bunglawala. Choice quote from the latter:

The Express story is illustrated with a photograph it claims is of a prominent Islamic scholar, Shaykh Yaqub Munshi, whom it accuses of having the goal of "introducing Shariah law into the UK". I spoke to Shaykh Munshi this morning and he confirmed for me two facts. One, that he had not spoken to anyone at the Daily Express and two, that the photograph was not his but of someone else!

To add further insult, the Express story contains a quote from me saying that: "We believe one legal code should apply for all citizens of the UK. There is no place for multiple legal systems for people of different religious or ethnic backgrounds."

Now I had certainly not given this quote to the Express reporter, Paul Jeeves, under whose byline, the story appears. I have never spoken with Paul Jeeves about Shariah courts. I can only imagine that he cut and pasted this quote of mine from over a year ago when I was discussing the question of a dual criminal code system operating in the UK - not voluntary Shariah courts dealing with civil matters.

How long is this paper going to be allowed to produce this sort of nonsense?

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