What's this? Some truth in an Express headline?

And it's a Political Correctness Gone Mad story. Surely shome mishtake?

Well, the headline's not exactly objective, since it says 'Barmy councillors snub the Easter cross', but I'm a little bit intrigued because it doesn't use the famous B word. No, not bollocks. Ban. Everyone knows that a good Political Correctness Gone Mad story must be about barmy nutcases banning things. From barmy councillors banning black bin-liners to barmy Muslims banning swimming during Ramadan. So why no B word here?

Sure, the council haven't banned anything - but that's never stopped any paper from claiming things have been banned in the past. Or that there's been a call to ban something. What gives?

I may be jumping the gun a bit in getting optimistic, which I've done before, but I can't help wondering if the complaints to the PCC about the risible Express story 'Muslims: 'ban' un-Islamic schools' have anything to do with it. Mine certainly mentioned the multiple uses of the B word in the article, even though there's no call to ban anything in the MCB document it's about, and some of the other complaints must have mentioned that.

So maybe, just maybe, the PCC have rapped their knuckles for saying the B word willy-nilly.
That'd be a small victory.

Anyway, it's a pity the PCC didn't rap their knuckles for talking shite. The story itself includes a familiar howler. It says:
COUNCIL bosses were branded “completely barmy” last night after refusing to fund an Easter Cross because it might offend other faiths.
And the arse from the Campaign Against Political Correctness, Phillip Davies, says:
“It is completely barmy. Do we really think Muslims or Jews will be offended by a cross being put up at Easter time in Britain by Christians? I think not.”
No Phillip. 'We' don't. We can see what 'we' really think from doing something you and your mates at the Express rarely seem to do. It's a bit of a radical tactic, but it just might work. No, hear me out on this. We could maybe think about possibly, you know, looking at the words the council actually say. It's a long shot, but those words might just show what they think.

The council says:
Lancashire County Council does not give money to any religion. Many taxpayers are non-religious and think it is an improper use of their money to support a religion.
Ah. That'll be it then. No money to support any religion. Maybe the council did say that it was so as not to offend people of other faiths and the Express decided not to quote it.

Yeah, and maybe monkeys eating ice-creams will fly out of my bottom next time I do a poo.

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