They come over here, nick our jobs and trash our economy. All three of them

There's a fanstastic story in today's Mail. The lead up to today's story included yesterday's '2.5m workers only speak English as a second choice... and today we open the door to 30m more' which linked to 'Warning for UK as Romania and Bulgaria celebrate joining the EU'. So, with the first day of Romanians being allowed in the country, you'd expect to see a vicious expose of the hundreds and thousands of, non-English speaking, potentially murderous bastards who are probably shit at driving buses arriving in the country. But instead we get 'Just three Romanians arrive after EU accession'. And all three have jobs, and are interviewed. In English.

I want to make one serious point. Here it is: ha ha.

That said, how long before MigrationWatch converts this figure into 37,000?

Some of the comments display some fantastic examples of Mail readers clumsily trying to manufacture outrage. My favourite is:
I know that the government is "restricting" the number of immigrants who can work, but what if people come over intending not to work? Do they get to live on benefits?

- Ella, UK
No, you plank. They do not.

These are good too:

This Government doesn't know what time it is so how are they ever going to know how many are in the country?

- John, Surrey
When could we ever believe Nu Labour? I predict we will hear about a "black hole" in their so-called "strict quotas" shortly after the local elections in May.

- Peter Pan, Great Britain
The denial and obsession with making Labour responsible for everything are fantastic in these. It's not Labour giving you this figure, you twat. It's the Daily Mail! And I predict the same as Peter Pan. Because the 'black hole; will probably have been made up, or rely on shonky techniques like counting arrivals but ignoring departures. MigrationWatch would probably have counted this entire plane as immigrants.

Finally, one that has to be a wind-up:
The rest had arrived before the New Year!!

- Howard, Potters Bar
Nobody's that stupid.

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