What's wrong with the Polish? I don't get it

A quick bit of Christmas racism cheer from the Mail today with 'Manchester buses ordered off the road over Polish driver safety fears'.

Check the headline. After some claims that it relates to the training and assessment of drivers (and that the two companies employ mainly Polish drivers) we get:
[...] officers from the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency inspected 28 of the firm's buses and found faults in more than half.
So, the whole 'Polish' stuff is bollocks. Whether or not drivers have been trained and assessed properly has fuck all to do with their being Polish, and the buses are not substandard because they're driven by the Polish. The drivers could all be lilywhite cucumber sandwich eating tories from Surrey, and the buses would still be suspended because over half of them are substandard.

So the Suffolk strangler was Polish, despite not actually being Polish, and these buses are suspended because of Polish drivers despite not actually being because of Polish drivers.

So, Chistmas is not about peace and love and goodwill toward men. It's about attacking Hinduism and being racist about the Polish. Merry Christmas!

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FlyingRodent said...

It's surely time to get rid of these troublesome parasites that leech off Great British tolerance.

Deport the lot of them I say, starting with that crook Paul Dacre, right down to street vermin such as Littlejohn and Melanie Philips.

A belated Merry Xmas - thought you might like this.


But then again, you might not.