Police killer escapes in pantomme horse outfit

From the BBC coverage of this 'Wanted man may have fled in veil':
It is understood West Yorkshire Police - who have not commented on reports about the veil theory - regard it only as one of a number of possibilities.
And there's slightly more reticence in this Reuters coverage 'Murder suspect may have fled in veil':

Asked whether Mustaf Jama had used a full Muslim veil to evade checks, a spokesman for West Yorkshire police said: "It's a possibility. He could have been wearing a pantomime horse outfit as well. But until we get him, we won't know for sure."
No such caution in the Express's 'Police killer escapes in veil'. And check out that 'Evil Somali' subheading there. Have there been any headlines referring to the Suffolk strangler as an 'evil Englishman'?

Now, if it turns out this guy didn't flee in a veil, do you think there'll be a headline of the same size retracting?

Will there fuck. Express headlines are for exaggerated bullshit remember?

So we have the Mail and the Express using separate murders as tools in their ongoing campaigns to demonise minorities in the same week. Who was forgetting the spirit of Christmas again?

We can see the results of the Mail's one here at nnseek, where Stormfront posting knuckle draggers virtually jizz their knickers over the 'fact' that the Suffolk strangler was Polish.

*UPDATE* The Times has also gone with a similar headline. The front page of the print version uses a new phrase I don't think I've seen before - 'religious correctness'. Nice.

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