Is this real? This can't be real. No, seriously. It can't

I just picked this up in the Mailwatch forum, but this can't be real. It must be a wind up.

The Mail reports on David Cameron courting the Asian vote by having a curry in 'Cameron courts 'diversity' vote with curry', and one reaction is not, 'What a patronising tosser', but:
I completely agree with Mandy, from what I have seen of Cameron, I will not be voting Conservative (as I have done all my life), but BNP.

- Sue W, U.K.
It's the thid time I've said it in two posts, but what the fuck?! This post is a reaction to:
How about this for an idea David.... Lets stop all the time & effort celebrating diversity & minority cultures until we get the norm for the majority sorted out. He's another Blair like disaster waiting to happen. Is there any alternative to the BNP these days for middle Englanders who are fed up with being ignored?

- Mandy, Sheffield, UK
I'm seriously surprised that even a Daily Mail reader can react to the Conservative leader having a fucking curry by saying they'll vote BNP. It's like the worst sort of caricature you could ever imagine. What the fuck?! Try to get your head around that.

Seriously. This can't be real! Nobody is that reactionary. Nobody.

Fucking hell.


Not Saussure said...

I suspect it's the BNP having a go at astrotufing; have a few activists write in posing as normal Mail readers (if that's not an oxymoron) saying, 'Gosh, speaking as a normal person, that makes me want to go out and vote for the BNP' in the hope that they will thus convince the punters that the BNP are normal, Daily Mail reading folks who're 'thinking what you're thinking'.

Five Chinese Crackers said...

Thank you for restoring some of my faith in human nature. Well, sort of. I'd rather this be a bunch of BNP goons than real, genuine people.

Perhaps they feel using women's names help. Interesting.