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Yesterday's Express included some more choice Islamophobic ranting, but I missed posting about it. Chicken Youghurt has it covered though, and Not Saussure covers the original Telegraph report. Lucky old you!

I want to make a couple of quick points about the article. Lucky old you again! It's a win double!

The front page headline is 'Fury over halal Christmas dinner'. Seriously, the thing that the Daily Express thought was the most important thing happening in the world yesterday was that one school - that's one school in an entire country's worth of schools - was going to serve halal chicken in the place of turkey for Christmas dinner, but ended up deciding to serve a choice of either that or turkey instead. The most important thing that happened in the entire world.

There are lots of quotes to beef up this non-story from a buch of ignorant buffoons, who I strongly believe have no idea of what 'halal' means. When an outraged parent says:
This is not a racial issue. Why can’t the non-Muslim kids enjoy traditional Christmas fare?
She clearly doesn't have a clue as to what she's on about. Because they can. The school offered the option of a side dish of sausages wrapped in bacon. That's pork wrapped in pork. Pork. The thing that Muslims and Jews can't eat no way no how. (See update at the bottom). I don't think that's the only thing she knows nothing about. When she says:
Why can’t we have a choice of chicken which suits everyone, Muslims and non-Muslims.
I can't help but think that she's got some idea tht halal means some sort of curry or some other muck of a foreign nature. Halal meat is suitable for non-muslms unless they have some objection to the way the meat is slaughtered. I have a very hard time believing that this has anything to do with cruelty to chickens, unless the school only ever serves free range non-battery chickens and the turkeys on offer are free range humanely slaughtered birds from some heaven of a farm. Unlike this one.

She goes on to say:

We bend over backwards at Eid (an Islamic festival) to eat traditional Muslim food so why should we have to change our Christmas tradition?
Really? You bend over backwards do you? Eating foreign food is bending over backwards is it? Is the food offered at Eid against your religion? No it's bloody not. Next:
I feel my culture is being stolen away from me.
Seriously. Halal doesn't mean curry, you halfwit. I mean, since when has killing chickens in a certain way been a part of British culture? When?

The odd thing here is that she doesn't mind that chicken is being served in the place of turkey, but that it's halal chicken. Muslim chicken. The paper reports:
But furious parents accused the school of undermining the Christian faith.
Which is nothing but disingenuous shite.

Halal meat can't possibly be contrary to the Christian faith. When Jesus was supposedly alive making up Christianity, halal meat hadn't even been invented yet, and wouldn't be for hundreds of years! I know he was meant to know the future and that, but nowhere in the Bible does it say a single word about not eating halal meat - in the same way that it says sod all about skateboards, rocketpacks and robot monkeys.

The humane killing of animals isn't exactly a priority in the Bible. After all, Jesus makes a pig get posessed by demons and jump over a cliff to its death. That's how much he gave a shit about that sort of thing.

Seriously though. The. Most. Important. Thing. In. The. World.

*UPDATE* In the grand tradition of the Telegraph having more pertinent information, their article has this:
Under the original proposal there would have been an option of sausages wrapped in bacon alongside the halal chicken.
Sure. We bend over backwards for these Muslims. We even give them the option of having some pork wrapped in pork and they have the audacity to ask us to eat chicken killed in a certain way. Bastards. They're taking away my culture and heritage. Except the bits involving an abundance of pork products.

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